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Dr. Lucy Le Mare
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Emphasizing the centrality of social relationships and cultural-historical context, my research focuses on risk and resilience processes and school adjustment in mainstream and diverse (e.g., Aboriginal, immigrant, early deprived, and other) populations.

My research currently is funded by a grant from the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation, an SFU SSHRC Small Grant, and Health Canada.


1994 Ph.D., Developmental Psychology University of Waterloo
1985 M.A., Developmental Psychology University of Waterloo
1981 B.A. (Hons), Psychology Simon Fraser University

Selected Publications

Refereed journal articles

Le Mare, L. & Audet, K. (2011). Communicative openness in adoption, knowledge of culture of origin, and adoption identity in adolescents adopted from Romania. Adoption Quarterly, 14, 199-217.

Hymel, S., Le Mare, L., & McKee, W. (2011). The Early Development Instrument (EDI): An examination of validity. Social Indicators Research: An Interdisciplinary International Journal for Quality of Life Measurement, 103, 267-282.

Juffer, F., Palacios, J., LeMare, L., Sonuga-Barke, E., Tieman, W., Bakermans-Kranenburg, M., Vorria, P., van IJzendoorn, M., &Verhulst, F. (in press). The Development of Adopted Children with Histories of Early Adversity. Monographs for the Society for Research in Child Development.

van IJzendoorn, M., Palacios, J., Sonuga-Barke, E., Gunnar, M., Vorria, P., McCall, R. LeMare, L., Bakermans-Kranenburg, M., Dobrova-Krol, N., & Juffer, F. (in press). Children in Institutional Care: Delayed Development and Resilience During and After Residential Care. Monographs for the Society for Research in Child Development.

Audet, K., & Le Mare, L. (2011). Mitigating effects of the adoptive caregiving environment on inattention/overactivity in children adopted from Romanian orphanages. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 35, 107-115.

Beatch, M. & Le Mare, L. (2007). Taking ownership: The implementation of a non-Aboriginal early education program for on-reserve children. Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 36, 77-87.

Le Mare, L., Audet, K., & Kurytnik, K. (2007). A Longitudinal Study of Service Use in Families of Children Adopted from Romanian Orphanages. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 31, 242-251.

Le Mare, L., & Audet, K. (2006). A longitudinal study of the physical growth and health of post-institutionalized Romanian adoptees. Paediatrics and Child Health, 11, 85-91.


Ball, J., and Le Mare, L. (2011). “You’ll never believe what happened”….is always a good way to start: Lessons from community-university partnerships with First Nations. In H. Goelman, J. Pivik, & M. Guhn (Eds.). New Approaches to Early Child Development: Rules, Rituals, Reality. Palgrave Press.

Le Mare, L. (2011). Social emotional education in the Canadian context. In Social and Emotional Education: An International Analysis II. Fundacion Marcelino Botin: Satander, Spain.

Le Mare, L., Audet, K., & Kurytnik, K. (2008). Protecting the Rights of International “Orphans”: Evaluating the Alternatives. In T. O’Neill and D. Zinga, (Eds), Children’s Rights: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Participation and Protection. University of Toronto Press: Toronto, Ontario.

Refereed Conference Presentations

Le Mare, L. & Neufeld, P. (2012, April). Fit for School: Links among Physical Fitness, Executive Functions and Classroom Performance in Students in Elementary Students. Poster accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, BC.

Le Mare, L. & Hammerman, H. (2012, April). Links among temperament, play styles, and classroom adjustment in boys and girls in kindergarten and grade 1. Paper accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, BC.

Le Mare, L., Neufeld, P., Menzies, M., Vandenborn, E., & Lepine, H. (2011, October). Fit4School: The cognitive, academic, and social benefits of physical fitness in school-aged children. Symposium presented at the BC Quality Daily Physical Education Conference, New Westminster, BC.

Le Mare, L. & Zhou, S. (2011, April). Teachers’ judgments of scholastic performance: A study of post-institutionalized inter-country adoptees from Romania. Poster presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Montreal, PQ.

Kurytnik, K. & Le Mare, L. (2010, September). Resilience in adolescents adopted from Romanian orphanages: A multiple case study analysis. Paper presented at the Intercountry Adoption Summit, Stratford, Ontario.

Le Mare, L. (2010, July). Peer relationships of Romanian adoptees in Canada: Associations with duration of deprivation, parent-child relationships, and behaviour problems. In F. Juffer and J. Palacios (Chair), Social Competence in Adopted Childre. Symposium presented at the third International Conference on Adoption Research, Leiden, The Netherlands.

Le Mare, L. & Audet, K. (2009, June). Early deprivation experience and features of the adoptive environment as predictors of behavioural adjustment in post-institutionalized Romanian adoptees. Paper presented at 39th Annual Meeting of the Jean Piaget Society, Park City, Utah.

Le Mare, L. (2008, June). The impact of early deprivation on development: Lessons from the Romanian Adoption Project and other studies of post-institutionalized children. Paper presented at the 69th annual convention of the Canadian Psychological Association, Halifax, NS.

Le Mare, L., &, Audet, K. (2008, July). Early Adversity, Behaviour Problems and Parent-Child Relationships in Adopted Romanian Adolescents. In L. Le Mare (Chair), Early Adversity and Social-emotional Development in Post-institutionalized Internationally Adopted Children. Symposium presented at the 20th biennial conference of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development, Wurzberg, Germany.

Invited scholarly presentations

Le Mare, L. (2010). Attachment and resilience in early-deprived children. HELP/REACH, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, October 19.

Le Mare, L. & Audet, K. (2010). Attachment and intercountry adoption. In J. Palacios (chair), Psycho-social research and interventions in intercountry adoption. Intercountry Adoption Summit, Stratford, Ontario, September 23-25.

Invited applied presentations

Le Mare, L. (2009). Working with Children in Middle Childhood. Presentation sponsored by The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Middle Years Matter Steering Committee, Vancouver, November 25.

Le Mare, L. & Harkey, T. (2007). The Aboriginal HIPPY Documentation Project. Paper presented at the 2007 CHILD Forum, Translating Early Child Development Research into Policy and Practice, Vancouver, Nov. 19, 2007.

Le Mare, L. (2007). What community members think about good programming for First Nations children and families: Links with Prilleltensky’s SPEC model. Response to Isaac Prilleltensky, “Promoting Child and Family Well-Being: Linking Organizational and Community Change”. The Fifth Annual HIPPY International Conference, Vancouver, April 30-May 2.

Invited participation in Policy and Applied Research Meetings

February, 2010; September 2010; February 2011. International Symposium on Social Emotional Education. Santander, Spain. Hosted by the Marcelino Botin Foundation.

March 2009. Policy Think Tank on the Public Health Perspective of Early Childhood Emotional Maltreatment. Ottawa, ON. Hosted by the Family Violence Prevention Unit of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

May 2008. The BC Roundtable on Resilience. Vancouver, B.C. Hosted by the BC Ministry of Education.

Recent Research Grant

2010 Le Mare, L. & Neufeld, P.

SSHRC Small Grant. The impact of an aerobic exercise intervention on children’s executive functioning and school performance.

$12, 091

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