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Part One: The Cognitive Toolkit of Oral Language

1. The Story Form: Objectives and Feelings

 Stories and Feelings
 Stories in the Classroom
 Inventing Comic Characters
 Personifying Elements of Language
 Creating a Literacy Adventure
 Teachers, Try It Out
 Final Words
2. Images We Care About: Too, Two, and To

 Images Aid Memory and Understanding
 Tying Concepts to Images
 From Images to Letter Representation
 Teachers, Try It Out
 Final Words
3. Binary Opposites: Goldilocks and Civil War

 Using Opposites to Expand Upon Understanding
 Mediating Binary Opposites
 Teachers, Try It Out
 Final Words
4. Literal and Metaphoric Talk: “Like a Spring-Woken Tree”

 Recognizing and Reflecting on Language
 Teachers, Try It Out
 Final Words
5. Jokes: Drawing the Drapes

 Joking and ?Seeing? Language
 Humor in ?Amelia Bedelia?
 Reading Puzzles
 Teachers, Try It Out
 Final Words
6. Rhyme and Rhythm: Mickey Mouse?s Underwear

 Echo Rhymes
 Rhyme and Rhythm: Ring, Rang, Rung
 Nursery Rhymes
 Teachers, Try It Out
      Final Words
7. Living Knowledge: Barbie and “The Matrix”

 Embedding Knowledge in Students’ Lifeworlds
 Children’s Lifeworlds

 Conclusion to Part One
Part Two: The Cognitive Toolkit of Literacy
8. Extremes: The Queueing Subbookkeeper

 The Strange, Exotic, Different, and Wonderful
 Fascinating Reality
 Metalinguistic Awareness
 Exploring Extremes
 Wonder in the Classroom
 Teachers, Try It Out
 Final Words

9. Everyday Heroes: Spiderman and the Comma

 ‘Heroizing’ Literacy Tasks
 Heroes in the Classroom
 Heroic Experiences
 Teachers, Try It Out
 Final Words

10. Human Contexts: John Montagu, The Earl of Sandwich

 Knowledge in a Meaningful Context
 Linking Language With Purpose
 Teachers, Try It Out
 Final Words

11. Collections and Hobbies: Alphabets and Beanie Babies

  Collecting Letters and Words
  Literacy as a Hobby
  Teachers, Try It Out
  Final Words

12. Graphic Organizers: Lists and Flowcharts

 From the Ear to the Eye
 Visual Tools
 Teachers, Try It Out
 Final Words

 Conclusion to Part Two
Part Three: Planning Frameworks
13. Framework 1

14. Framework 2
 by Gillian C. Judson

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