List of suitable topics


Let's begin by stating the criteria we can use in order to select topics. These are taken from the book "learning in Depth" and to the degree that they aren't self-evident here are explained in Chapter 5:

1. sufficient width
2. sufficient depth
3. sufficient connections with the self—cultural ties and imaginative and emotional ties
4. not too contrainedly technical
5. not too general nor too unconstrained (animal/cats/tiger kinds of distinction)
6. not concerned with material likely to lead towards depression or constant attention to more degrading features of human existence
7. the array of topics must provide an equivalently rich experience for all students

Here is the initail list generated in the book finished up as a fairly ill-assorted lot. I concluded asking for further suggestions to be made through the Discussion section on this website. So, please make suggestions both for particular topics to be included, or excluded--it may look as though some of those suggested below are more "adult" than might be expected, given current assumptions about children's minds. But as I have argued the inappropriateness of current conceptions of children's minds and learning, they seem not so weird to me. So, here is an introductory set in no particular order:



Apples Dust The wheel Mollusks Railroads/Railways Leaves Salerno Spices The circus Theatre
Films Sports Sacred Building Habitations Water Rivers Oceans Lakes and Ponds Ships Trains
Cars Airplanes Carriages Bicycles Teeth Cooking Buildings Furniture Decoration Tools
The measurement of time The measurement of space Counting systems Music Trees Grass Flowering plants Whales Cats Horses
Birds Beetles Insects Ants Maps Wood Clothing Writing systems Games Special clothing
Flags, and heraldr Volcanoes The oceans              


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