The Learning in Depth project

This site is about the the proposal to introduce to the school curriculum a new component, called Learning in Depth. The basic idea is that each child will be given, during the first week of grade 1, a particular topic to learn about through their whole school career, in addition to the usual curriculum. Topics might include such things as apples, ships, the circus, cats, the solar system, etc. The aim is that each child, by the end of her or his schooling, will know as much about that topic as almost anyone on earth. The expectation is that this process will transform for most children their relationship to, and understanding of the nature of, knowledge. It should also transform for each child the experience of schooling. It is expected also to be a source of deep pleasure. The primary stimulus to bringing this idea into practice is the book "Learning in depth," and this web site is designed to help support and carry forward the project of introducing this proposal to schools.

Some potential benefits of Learning in Depth:

For students

--Provides knowledge of some topic in great breadth and depth
--Gives a deep understanding of the nature of knowledge
--Engages students' imaginations and emotions in learning
--Builds confidence

--Builds expertise in use of internet and organizational skills

For teachers

--Teachers discover along with students
--No pressures to grade and assess

--Working with enthusiastic learners
--Students' depth knowledge will enrich regular teaching

For the school

--Provides a means for older and younger students to cooperate in learning
--Makes the school into a centre of expertise on many topics
--Enriches the culture of the school
--Displays of topics will provide attractive focus of attention

For administrators

--Leads to learning-based associations with other schools
--Builds expertise in the school, and can provide community support through "Ask the experts" days
--A new dimension of school activity devoted to enthusiastic learning
--A new form of internet presence


You may read the article from which this project developed by clicking here.

You may read an Introduction to the program by clicking here. (If you know someone who might be interested in this project you could refer them to this page, or you could photocopy it to hand to people who might be interested.)

You may read the Introduction to the book by clicking here.


Resources for those interested in implementing "Learning in Depth"


For Teachers

For school administrators

For college and university faculty members

For students

For parents and community

List of suitable topics

Discussion forum

Examples of students' projects



From reviews of the book


"Makes a lot of sense"

X. Trapnel..

"Just what the school needs to bring genuine learning to students."

J.-J. Rousseau

"Why didn't I think of that?"

K. Egan.

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