For parents interested in implementing and promoting

Learning in Depth


In the book a number of suggestions were made for parents who wanted to move towards implementing Learning in Depth (LiD).


1. If particular parents like the idea of LiD they can begin by drawing it to the attention of teachers or school board officials. Either they can simply describe the idea and/or refer them to this web site. Or parents could give a copy of the single page introduction to the project that is available here.
2. If more than one parent in an area becomes interested in this proposal they can begin to solicit interest among their friends and other parents whose children might attend a particular school. After a meeting at someone’s house, perhaps, where parents might share their ideas about the project, and consider its advantages in their own schools or school district, they might compose a list of what they see as the advantages such a project might bring to the schooling experience of their children. Those parents could then ask school officials to provide space for a meeting about the applicability of the project in their schools, possibly inviting teachers and school officials.
3. Parents can describe to teachers or other educational officials how they would be willing, and would likely enjoy, to support their childrens' portfolio building would also help people within the education system think more favorably about the possibility and potential attractiveness of implementing this project.
4. If the parents feel that this project is workable, they might even ask to give a presentation about it to a meeting of their school board. The LiD website contains materials that might enable them to make an effective presentation, including Keynote and PowerPoint presentations.



Further resources will be put here as the project gets underway.


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