For college or university teachers interested in implementing and promoting

Learning in Depth


In the book a number of suggestions were made for college and university faculty members who wanted to move towards implementing Learning in Depth (LiD). Here, to begin with are the suggestions made in the book:



1. If this project is to become adequately implemented, then support for it needs to be made available in teacher professional development programs. So people who work in such institutions can design and propose courses or segments of courses to prepare teachers for this curriculum innovation 2. If three or more faculty members in an institution are interested in exploring the idea further, and might find it helpful to discuss it with colleagues from other institutions, and engage interested teachers, they could organize a small conference.
3. Professors wishing to support implementation of this project can also propose conference presentations, to spread the idea among their peers. Papers could explore the theory behind the idea or consider ways to improve parts of the project.
4. They could offer workshops at Teacher Pro-D. days, both describing the project and how teachers can become involved in implementing it.
5. Conference presentations can also be reworked after responses from colleagues and submitted for journal publication.
6. Implementations in single schools or school districts could also provide a focus for research and future publications.
7. They could also contact the LiD website and sign up as members, helping to promote the ideas.


Further resources will be put here as the project gets underway.


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