Educational Development

Brief biography of the book:

This book was written in the mid/late 1970s. It was published by Oxford University Press, New York in 1979. It sold fairly well for a while, managing about 6,000-7,000 before going out of print in the early 1990s. It had some enthusiastic reviews, but more were a bit puzzled by it. I'll include some quotes from reviews below. It was reprinted in England in 1986 by Hutchinson, under the title Individual Development and the Curriculum, with a Foreword by Professor Richard Pring and a new Introduction. This didn't do very well, and Hutchinson was sold to Methuen who was bought by Routledge. Somewhere in this process the remaining copies (about 1,000) of my book were sold to a company in Chichester, England, who wrote in the early 1990s and asked me if I would like to buy them before they were pulped. They offered them for, as I recall, £2 per copy. I said I would buy them for £1 each--which I knew was more than they would get for pulping them. I made this offer only after I had contacted a few professors who I knew had been using Educational Development as a course text.

Having made sure they would like to continue using the book, even though the U.S. version was going out of print, I set up the deal--imagining I would make a tidy profit selling to these courses the copies I was buying for £1 each.

Even though my contract with Oxford University Press was clear that the copyright of the book reverted to me, and that importing the ex-Hutchinson version--if you're still with me--would consequently not infringe any copyrights, it took a long time to settle all the North American interests before I could get back to the Chichester company and offer them cash for the books and arrange their shipping. Once the deal was agreed, the Manager at Chichester requested that the 1,000+ copies be packed and sent to me. He was informed that someone had made a mistake, and pulped the lot.

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